RFC: KUSER_SHARED_DATA update patch to fix bug 29168

Joey Yandle dragon at dancingdragon.be
Wed Mar 21 12:50:15 CDT 2012

> - The shared data structure should be modified with atomic
>   accesses only. (Or use a criticalsection if possible.)

According the this website, Windows updates the times too frequently to
use a critical section:


The values are written in the order High2, Low, High1.  Applications
read them in the reverse order; as long as the two High values are the
same, the composite value is considered correct.  This is a fairly
common algorithm for detecting clock tick without atomic operations or
critical sections.

I could certainly use atomic operations for each of the 32-bit word
writes.  But since Windows apps expect the word write order, I don't
think it's necessary or advisable to do 64-bit atomic ops.

> However, I do not know if we can have additional threads at all in a
> Win32 process without confusing the win32 processes, or if this needs
> to be solved differently (APC?).

A previous version of my patch used NtTimer/APC:


The APC code is commented out but still present in that version of the

It did not work, by which I mean SW:TOR did not successfully login.  It
was clearly the best solution, so I'd be happy to return to it if we can
make the callback times more precise.



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