GSoC 2012 - Implement a few missing functions in D3DX9

Christian Costa titan.costa at
Wed Mar 21 14:42:54 CDT 2012

Le 21/03/2012 20:17, Józef Kucia a écrit :
> On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 1:04 AM, Matteo Bruni<matteo.mystral at>  wrote:
>> Il 20 marzo 2012 19:12, Christian Costa<titan.costa at>  ha scritto:
>>>> * Implement D3DXCreateCubeTextureFrom* and
>>>> D3DXCreateVolumeTextureFrom* functions.
>> That depends on the DDS file format support, I guess.
> Yes, it could be a part of my GSoC project to add missing support for
> DDS file format in D3DX9. Anyway, I will know what's missing after
> seeing Christian's patches.
Ok. Fine. That would be good if you work on this. There is at least 
FOURCC support missing which is annoying.
My patch is basically the same as Tony's one with few fixes to make it 
work. I will send it to you.

>>>> * Add support for DDS file format in D3DXGetImageInfoFrom* functions.
>>> DDS support has been added in this patch:
>>> I have an updated version and planned to submit it later. FOURCC support is
>>> also missing.
>> That's interesting. Are you (Christian) still implementing it as a WIC
>> decoder? I was under the impression that some DDS features
>> (cube/volume textures I guess) aren't really supportable that way.
> That's right. WIC decoder for DDS is not the best idea. In case of,
> D3DXGetImageInfoFromFile you need potentially to get the following
> info from a file:
> * type of texture: plain texture, cube texture or volume texture
> * number of mipmaps
> * depth of volume texture
> * texture compression format.
> You're unable to get this information through a WIC decoder interface.
Number of mipmaps seems supported it tony's patch throuh the number of 

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