GSoC proposal

Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at
Sat Mar 24 17:08:03 CDT 2012

On 3/24/2012 20:06, Cheer Xiao wrote:
> Hi all,
> I opened bug 30255 [1](which, unfortunately, was just marked duplicate
> as bug 19263 [2]), which I believe is a long-standing issue. Simply
> put, uxthemes has some performance problems, and consequently UI
> rendering with theming enabled would lag a lot. Since I'm also
> planning for GSoC, I would like make that my GSoC proposal and fix the
> bug myself. Also, there are failing tests regarding dlls/uxtheme -
> running dlls/uxtheme/tests/ gives 11 failures out
> of a total of 56 executed tests. I can try to fix that too. With all
> of these, this may still be a trivial proposal. To make it less
> trivial :), I would also like to work on the gtk+ theming bridge [3],
> once the performance issue is fixed.
Well, fixing performance problems with enabled themes doesn't sound like 
a project to me,
it's more like general bug fixing, writing test applications/tests etc., 
and it's not necessary that
it's only uxtheme being a problem here.

As I said in another thread regarding this, first step is to implement 
model that is live since Win XP, that is a real task and performance 
issues are also important
of course but fixing them before doesn't make much sense.

Regarding GTK+ integration, it's probably possible to get some key parts 
of current theme and
use that data for a kind of Windows theme created on startup or 
something like that. The problem
could be in different GTK+ versions for example. And again, what about 
Qt-based DEs or any others?

I think that first of all we need a proper theme implementation
plus some themes shipped by distro maintainers to mimic default distro 
DE theme or some more or less
neutral version of it.

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