Need suggestion to choose a GSoC idea

HolyCause holy.cause at
Mon Mar 26 23:38:11 CDT 2012


> - Improve Wine App install / App running testing
> This idea is similar with Austin's early work [18], my idea is using sikuli
> [19] instead of autohotkey, since sikuli is more powerful for complex work.
> Sikuli using tesseract as orc engine, so if we done this job we can prevent
> many font relate regression as well.
I already asked Austin about that for my GSoC proposal:

 > in short, I think this effort is best spent somewhere else. GUI
 > testing is really hard to get right, and very expensive(time, effort,
 > disk space, cpu power, etc.).

I've since decided against GSoC for this year, but my idea revolved 
around improving cmd's parser, notably getting Firefox/Chromium and/or 
other software to build under wine (or at least, isolate 
potential/existing issues to non-cmd parts). I was partway through 

Dan Kegel seemed pretty interested in the project. If you're interested 
you could e-mail him.


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