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Thu Mar 29 13:12:47 CDT 2012

Am Mittwoch, 28. März 2012, 22:10:27 schrieb Charles Davis:
> 2) HLSL compiler.
My general response to "HLSL Compiler" would be "too complex for gsoc, too 
much work, nope",  but since I know that you worked on compilers in the past 
it might work for you. I cannot promise anything of course, but my guess is 
that it is worth writing an application.

I think three things would be important:

1) A plan how to integrate the compiler step by step. I think a general 
consensus is to start with a parser that can parse the entire (d3d9?) 
language, but I don't know what the idea is beyond that.

2) A flexible plan that allows for adjustments depending on how the project 
progresses, once a complete parser is done.

The good thing about the parser is that I've once written a hacky compiler as 
a school project, and the parser is pretty much complete for d3d9 shaders. 
Even if the other code is pretty ugly, the parser should be reusable.

3) A design that is flexible enough for future needs(or well, d3d10/11). I am 
still afraid of getting stuck in a dead end street with anything written from 
scratch, but since all other options failed I guess that's the only way left.

Maybe Henri and Matteo can weight in with their opinions as well.

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