[2/8] d3dx9: Check the size of a DDS file in D3DXGetImageInfoFromFileInMemory.

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Thu May 10 03:32:36 CDT 2012

Am Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012, 23:32:05 schrieb Józef Kucia:
> +        *pitch = width * format_desc->bytes_per_pixel;
> +        *size = *pitch * height;
Usually surface pitches are either 4 or 8 byte aligned(depending on the API 
and pool). I recommend to write some tests for this. The most likely 
problematic formats are D3DFMT_P8, any 16 bit format like R5G6B5 and 24 bit 
R8G8B8. Maybe you're supposed to honor the pitch_or_linear_size member of the 
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