GSoC Joystick Configuration Tools

Lucas Zawacki lfzawacki at
Thu May 10 09:40:07 CDT 2012

Hello all,

I'll use this thread to post information and ask questions regarding
my GSoC project.

First there's a wiki which aggregates some information and lists tasks
I'm working on:
Then there's a github repo:

In the repository you'll find the different tools I'll be
implementing. They can be easily built and tested, even before they
make it into wine. At the moment
there's an intial version of the command line joystick tester. This
tool is useful for listing connected joysticks, testing if they work
correctly in
wine, testing axis remapping, watching for dinput trace messages,
etc... It's also the basis for the joystick testing GUI.

I'll start cleaning up, splitting this code and commiting it to wine
next week. For now I'll make a similar tool to this one that tests
force feedback. I'll try to make it in the style
of the Linux fftest program, but using the dinput interfaces so that a
user can test the differences.


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