winetricks & DLL overrides

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu May 10 12:35:50 CDT 2012

On Sat, May 5, 2012 at 9:26 PM,  <wylda at> wrote:
> winetricks settings alldlls=builtin
> further checking revealed, that winetricks(20120308) has several no
> longer available dll override compared to winecfg and some are
> missing, thus application uses them as native.
> So i add/del dlls from override_all_dlls list based on winecfg
> (1.5.3-164-gdec3d50) and the result is attached as a patch.

I'm not sure keying off the list in winecfg is the right thing to do;
I'd rather use the list of all wine dlls.  (dbghelp, for instance, should
still be in the list, I think.)

> * i do not know whether removing no longer available dll's override
> is allowed (what's happen for users using old wine-1.0 and need
> dlls's override no longer available in wine-1.5.3)

winetricks alldlls=builtin is mostly a tool for people using bleeding
edge wine to help identify remaining holes in wine, so no need
to worry about older versions of wine.

> * shouldn’t be the dll's override in user.reg simply overwritten? As
> i noticed the names are there twice - 2nd one with "*" prefix making
> it confusing, which value will be used and the list in winecfg is
> twice as long.

The comment in winetricks says
        # Note: if you want to override even DLLs loaded with an absolute path,
        # you need to add an asterisk
so I think it needs to be there.  (Otherwise we'll miss bundled dlls.)
Winetricks doesn't add it both ways, though,
so I wonder how the version without the asterisk got there.
Starting from a clean wineprefix should keep you from having multiple
entries.  Does it?
That should be fine for the intended audience.

I've updated winetricks (r813) to add all missing dlls and
added a comment explaining how the list was generated.


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