Using an IDE on Wine?

Michael Ost most at
Mon May 14 11:38:37 CDT 2012

On 5/13/12 10:00 AM, wine-devel-request at wrote:
> How many of you use an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) when
> working on Wine?
> If you do, which  one do you use and how, how useful is it and how hard
> was it to set up?

I use Qt Creator for Linux for our winelib application. Our app is a 
hybrid winelib + Qt/X11 app, so we get the extra Qt "goodies" with Qt 
Creator. But it does work for other project types too.

Getting the integrated gdb debugger to work was a trick. The main thing 
is to set WINELOADERNOEXEC=1 in the environment and run /usr/bin/wine as 
the debuggee. We also built and copied in a debug version of 
/usr/bin/wine to keep Qt Creator from complaining when a debug session 
got underway.

The last "gotcha" was that we had to hack out alpha channel support for 
cursors when running under GDB. (IIRC) the DIB engine uses segfaults in 
normal operation which confuses GDB. I can send along that patch if you 
are interested.

Of course, if you are trying to debug a straight windows application 
then all of this is irrelevant! But if you are doing winelib, then these 
tricks can help.

-- Michael Ost

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