AppDB, ratings and native vs. builtin trouble

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed May 16 08:56:15 CDT 2012

16.05.2012 17:34, Rosanne DiMesio wrote:
> If the user didn't have to manually do anything, it should be rated
> platinum.


appdb ratings are from the point of view of someone who simply
uses their linux distro to install wine, and then tries to install a
game.  If no fiddling is required, and the game works perfectly,
it's platinum even if under the hood the game has snuck in a
native (and Microsoft-copyrighted) DLL.  (DLLs not copyrighted
by Microsoft are not generally a concern.)

In parallel, people who care about making Wine run without
any native DLLs should make sure there's a "purist" bug
in wine's bugzilla describing what breaks if you force
wine to use its own builtin DLL for the game.
(And should then try to fix that bug. :-)
- Dan

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