Installing 64 bit visual c++ 2010 runtime?

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed May 16 17:24:18 CDT 2012

I'd like to try a real 64 bit app, so on a 64 bit Ubuntu 12.04, I tried
  sudo apt-get install wine
  rm -rf ~/.wine
  export WINEARCH=win64
  wine vcredist_x64
and that installs fine... but only puts anything in c:\windows\syswow64,
and the 64 bit app I'm trying is rather upset that it can't
find mfc100.dll.  The log it writes into c:\users\$LOGNAME\*.html
says (if you look at the source, or click 'verbose' in a web browser)
"platform not supported".
This happens even if I use winecfg to set win7 mode.

Happily, it looks like one can just grab the file from the .cab with
something like this:
 mkdir foo
 cd foo
 cabextract ../vcredist_x64.exe
 cp F_CENTRAL_mfc100_x86 ~/.wine/windows/system32
 cd ..
 rm -rf foo

That gets the app I'm trying to the point where it needs a newer
builtin vcrun100,;h=6cb3713e26aa4d89d4dc67601f67e3dc29f51f24
which is great.  (Now I just have to get around to following
up on previous posts about how to build biarch wine on ubuntu 12.04.)

But I still wonder why the installer doesn't want to install the 64 bit files.

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