[appdb] Applications working flawlessly using patched wine should be rated Gold

K.King k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Thu May 17 02:58:00 CDT 2012

A "runs well with patched wine" checkbox might be useful, but would be
very confusing.
Maybe if it forced the rating to be garbage that would be ok.
If it was possible my preference would be to be able to see separate 
rating per vanilla and per non vanilla.
The per vanilla should be first and more obvious.
If I see a rating of Garbage infers even with patching it would not run?
problem with "runs well with patched wine" is it's an on or off, whereas 
you could start wishing for
an indication of how well it can be made to run?
Keeping the steps, results, capabilities, not tested, etc for patched 
wine could/should maybe be kept quite separate to the quick and obvious 
vanilla out of box results section?

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