[appdb] Applications working flawlessly using patched wine should be rated Gold

Alexey Loukianov mooroon2 at mail.ru
Thu May 17 09:37:20 CDT 2012

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17.05.2012 17:05, Jari Vetoniemi wrote:
> This is unless the appdb will allow us to filter out test results that were
> either done with patched wine, or some unsupported variant like POL or
> such.

That's is exactly the same vision as mine: AppDB is about unpatched Wine,
sure, but from end-user PoV patches are as valid workarounds as anything else.
Still, patches are relatively hard to install and use, so AppDB should
distinguish test results submitted for patched Wine from test results
submitted for unpatched Wine and allow end-users to filter out what they want.
If it would be that way - every user would easily find the results that apply
to his Wine usage case. One don't want to use anything other than "almost
vanilla" Wine supplied with his/her distro? NP, filter out results for
unpatched Wine. One feels comfortable with patching and compiling Wine (or
installing packages from untrusted third-party PPA/repos)? OK, here are the
results for patched versions. And so on.

IMHO it'd be better that the current situation when I as a app maintainer have
to deal with co-maintainers accepting restults that shouldn't be accepted at a
first place (and simply deleting results without the ability to mark them back
as a "Rejected - please, improve and resubmit" is a bit... em... rude), and
with flood of incorrect test results from users who use patched Wine and
pretty sure that it's OK to post results for it having ratings like "Platinum"
or "Gold". Yesterday I spent half or a day rejecting the results for Diablo
III and sending PMs to result posters describing why it wasn't possible to
accept results from them. Most replies I've got were people complaining about
AppDB not giving them a possibility to mark their results as being for patched
Wine or questions about "then why had the test result X for app Y was accepted?".

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