Logging issue ?

GOUJON Alexandre ale.goujon at gmail.com
Fri May 18 09:23:02 CDT 2012


To understand why a game does not work with the disc while it does with 
the ISO (created from the same disc), I made a log with 
+tid,+relay,+volume in both cases and noticed :

- some lines (call or ret) are not printed / missing
- some lines are half-printed and joined with the following

I know sometimes a trailing \n is missing in TRACE() so the output is 
But that doesn't seem to be the case here.

Maybe it's not thread safe or something like that ?
I tried using taskset 1 wine .. to force using one core but no luck.

Here a small part of my log (order not modified, I just remove lines 
from other threads):
0030:Call KERNEL32.GetVolumeInformationA(09732288 
0030:trace:volume:GetVolumeInformationW L"\\??\\D:\\": found fs type 
50009:Call wined3d.wined3d_mutex_unlock() ret=7ed6e3a6
0030:Ret  KERNEL32.CreateFileA() retval=000001f4 ret=00c8b5ab

The game calls GetVolumeInformationA .. the trace is mixed with output 
of another thread .. I guess the game open the device (no call line) .. 
and then do some ioctl.
No trace of how the game opened the device..

I can do several logs and try to compare each other to have a complete 
puzzle but that's not very handy.

Any thought ? idea ? advice ?

(I'm using packaged wine on x86_64)


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