ru.po: improved an Russian translation

Julian Rüger jr98 at
Wed May 30 01:20:06 CDT 2012

Am Dienstag, den 29.05.2012, 23:04 +0400 schrieb Oleg Yarigin:
> There are some improvements of a style (now it is more official) and 
> non-translated empty lines.
> To avoid an character encoding interruption, I send the diff file as a 
> packed text file attachment (ru_diff.txt.bz2, 22.3 KB).

Hi Oleg,

a few remarks about your patch:

1. Patches should be sent to wine-patches at, not wine-devel.
However, if you only want to ask for review and not send the patch in
yet, wine-devel is fine.

2. You should generate your patch using "git format-patch", see

3. You have a lot of changes like this:

>  #: crypt32.rc:198
>  msgid "Access Method="
> -msgstr "Метод доступа="
> +msgstr "Метод доступа: "

I don't think that's a good idea... Afaik, the general guideline is to
not change formatting and punctuation (from the English original),
unless there's a rule in the Russian language that specifically dictates
it. (For example in French, you need spaces in front of colons and

I don't know Russian, so I may be wrong here.

4. A normal, UTF-8 formatted textfile as an attachment (preferably
generated by git format-patch, see above) should suffice, you shouldn't
need to pack it.

I guess an archive could also confuse the automated scripts, requiring
Alexandre to manually unpack it and add your patch to the incoming queue

Again, I may be wrong about that, but it would not hurt I think.

OK, enough of my nagging ;)

Please understand this as constructive criticism, it will help getting
your patch accepted and not cause extra work for the maintainer
(Alexandre). It looks like you invested a lot of effort, thanks for
I don't speak Russian, so I can't say anything else, maybe it would also
help to ask the current translator for review (I think Nikolay Sivov).

Best regards,

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