ntdll: Fixed some heap allocation stalls

Steaphan Greene steaphan at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 12:30:46 CDT 2012

On 11/03/2012 02:09 AM, Matej Špindler wrote:
> On 03. 11. 2012 01:20, Dan Kegel wrote:
>> Which game were you testing?
> League of Legends has similar issues with memory allocation.
> This patch does something similar:
> http://uz.sns.it/~ranma42/iLoL/spectator-fix-v2/0001-ntdll-Improve-performace-of-heap-allocation-v2.patch 
> I have it in my tree since February and no problems so far.

Yes, that patch looks like it is targeted at speeding larger allocations 
(where mine speeds smaller ones). These are similar fixes for opposite 
ends of the spectrum. And, the two should be simple to merge. Though, I 
don't believe the 0x08 on that one actually does anything (since these 
values include the arena overhead, and the smallest allocation I've seen 
is 8). However, I haven't looked at many examples, and I believe if an 
allocation request of 4 is possible, then that *would* hit that "0x08" bin.

Steaphan Greene<steaphan at gmail.com>

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