[PATCH 1/3] dmloader: COM cleanup of IDirectMusicLoader object.

Christian Costa titan.costa at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 09:08:54 CST 2012

> >>> I was just saying removing the interface name was not a good thing imo
> >>> or am I missing something?
> >> Right, the interface name needs to be there as it matches the COBJMACROS
> >> name. Basically the C macro with a prefix.
> > Why? If you really want to keep interface name the better way imho is as
> > it's usually done in mshtml, like HTMLDOMTextNode_*,
> > so here you don't need to add anything like prefix.
> The first rule of COM in Wine is:
> "Do what Jacek says, not what he does!"
> ;)
Ok. I note... ;)

> HTMLDOMTextNode_* aka dropping the "I" is fine too as long as you do
> *not* use the same prefix for other functions. E.g. I've seen that style
> used for helpers.
> I don't like it either altough this could considered as a private method.
Note that I think such a case happen even with the "I".

We can just mention to never use interface name (with "I" or not) in
functions that don't belong to an interface.
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