Wine Gecko versioning

Jacek Caban jacek at
Tue Nov 27 06:32:02 CST 2012

Hi all,

Since Wine Gecko 1.9 branching, the tip should bump to 1.10, but I think
it's time to clean up the situation a bit. Such things usually don't
bring much attention, but it should be decided in public. Right now we
have three versioning schemes involved in Wine Gecko:
- Wine version that applies to Gecko
- Gecko version (since Firefox 5 and Mozilla's rapid releases it's the
same as Firefox version)
- Wine Gecko version, which is just a growing number, not really
connected with any of above. These numbers currently have no meaning
other that being different for different Wine Gecko releases.

The idea is that Wine Gecko version could be just something based on
other versions, that are more informative. It's not really possible to
use Wine version, because the first version of Wine that will use new
Gecko is not ultimately when Wine Gecko branches. Also multiple Wine
versions use the same Wine Gecko. That leaves us with Gecko (Firefox
version). We don't release on every Firefox release (every 6 weeks), so
if we just used Firefox version, that would look strange (like Wine
Gecko 18 followed by Wine Gecko 20). That can be mitigated by using it
as a minor version. So the next few release would look like:
- 1.9 (that's already in beta and will be the last release using old scheme)
- 2.20 (assuming the next update will be 3 months from 1.9, which means
Firefox 20)
- 2.22 (assuming another 3 moths for the update).

Any suggestions/comments welcomed.


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