Wine Mono 0.0.8 Release

Vincent Povirk madewokherd at
Mon Oct 1 14:19:28 CDT 2012

Since I messed up the 0.0.6 release, here's another one, almost identical.

The source tarball is at

The binary is at

For developers, the source repository is at

Changes since 0.0.4:
 * Updated the visual basic class libraries from upstream.
 * Updated mono from 2.11.1 to 2.11.4. Unfortunately, there wasn't a
nice changelog like 2.11.1 had. Here are some highlights:
  * Beginnings of support for hosting ActiveX controls inside
winforms. (Alistair Leslie-Hughes)
  * Various HttpClient-related fixes. (Martin Baulig)
  * "Intermediate" state check boxes now rendered in winforms. (Steven
Boswell II)
  * ACL support on Windows. (James Bellinger)
 * One can now specify WINE_MONO_TRACE=wrapper to log all transitions
between native and managed code, which is sort of the Mono equivalent
of a relay log.
 * RVA fields can now be accessed properly via the ldsfld[a]
instruction. This should help with Managed C++ support.
 * Fix for winehq bug 30947 - Mono would cause a hang when a dll is
loaded after Mono is loaded but before it is used to run any .NET
 * Because of a problem with the build system, MonoPosixHelper.dll was
not present, and this prevented some builtin methods in Mono from
working correctly. This has been resolved.
 * Added hashes for all included files in the msi package, which is
needed for msi to replace the files on upgrade.
 * Added 64-bit registry entries to the msi package.
 * Build process now fails immediately if wine or gmcs is missing,
instead of waiting until they're used. (Austin English)

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