[PATCH 1/1] include/basetsd.h: fix bad casting

Max TenEyck Woodbury max at mtew.isa-geek.net
Sat Oct 13 18:40:30 CDT 2012

On 10/13/2012 06:30 PM, Dan Kegel wrote:
> In general, patches to wine should have some
> demonstrated benefit, either by increasing the
> number of passing conformance tests, or by
> making some app work better, or both.
> Your current patch doesn't seem to do either of these things.
> Getting into a pissing match with AJ about patent
> and copyright law is not a good strategy for potential
> contributors to wine.  He generally knows his stuff,
> and I think he's right in this case.
> If I were you, I'd go off and reflect for a while, then
> pick some other way to contribute.


AJ and DT can both speak for themselves, and have just done so.  It
is now AJs decision.  There are criteria beyond the two you mentioned,
but it is rare to see them come into play.  Few people know enough to
even recognize such problems.  While far from an expert on such matters,
I have enough background to recognize a situation that might be
troublesome.  I think this could be one of those situations and I have
urged AJ to consult a real expert on the subject.  I do NOT see this as
dissing AJ in any way.  In fact, He has stated the basic facts quite
well.  I am pointing at an additional factor he should consider.  If
people are discouraged from bringing such points up, as you are doing,
the project could end up in trouble that could have been avoided.

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