(resend) programs/winemenubuilder: scale 64x64 classic icons to 48x48 for Icns format

Aric Stewart aric at codeweavers.com
Tue Oct 16 21:16:00 CDT 2012

On 10/16/12 7:40 PM, Ken Thomases wrote:
> On Oct 16, 2012, at 2:15 PM, Aric Stewart wrote:
>> @@ -1052,6 +1079,7 @@ static inline int size_to_slot(int size)
>>           case 16: return 0;
>>           case 32: return 1;
>>           case 48: return 2;
>> +        case 64: return 2;  /* Classic Mode */
>>           case 128: return 3;
>>           case 256: return 4;
>>           case 512: return 5;
> If an ICO has both a 48x48 and a 64x64 entry (improbable, I know), then the 48x48 should be preferred.  So, you need additional logic to pick the best index for a slot in platform_write_icon().  Track the best-so-far's width and prefer the smaller.

I thought about that case and decided not to worry about it, however I will work out some logic to cover it.

> Beyond that, perhaps the scaling should be put into the ICNS encoder rather than convert_to_native_icon().  That is, if it's handed a size that doesn't fit properly into one of the predefined slots, it would scale down to the next lower size.

I thought about this also and was not sure if the ICNS encoder in windowscodecs was following some spec or understood behavior on rejecting the size. I know that winemenubuilder is wine specific and so doing the scaling there would not have to be windows compliant.  A quick google search seems to indicate that CLSID_WICIcnsEncoder is not a windows feature either.

> Although it might be better to synthesize a 32x32 rather than a 48x48 from a 64x64. *shrug*

Just because 32 is half of 64?  I will admit my understanding of image scaling is poor enough that i just assumed the closer the size the better the scale would turn out.


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