Tr : d3dx9_36 [patch 1/3]: Fix the case out = in for D3DXSHRotateZ

Nozomi Kodama nozomi.kodama at
Tue Oct 16 21:53:28 CDT 2012


Both your patch and mine fail to pass the attached tests. More thoughts are needed.


>Hi Nozomi,
>the huge arrays, the loop, it looks a bit ugly. Your implementation makes the D3DXSHRotateZ function a >bit more compatible. What comes into my mind is:
>D3DXSHRotateZ(out, y, 1,25f, in);
>D3DXSHRotateZ(out, y, 1,25f, out);
>D3DXSHRotateZ(out, y, 1,25f, &out[x]); // x ... 1 - y * y
>D3DXSHRotateZ(&out[x], y, 1,25f, out); // x ... 1 - y * y
>Do the last 2 also work and are they producing the same values as
>Attached is a simple hack to succeed your test, it has some major stuff which needs to be fixed first, but >nevertheless, please have a look. I think the implementation could be a lot smaller and faster. What do you >think? I'd like to hear your opinion, before you try to send a patch.
>+FLOAT * WINAPI D3DXSHRotateZ(FLOAT *out, UINT order,  FLOAT angle, CONST FLOAT *in)
>There is a double space after "order,".
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