[PATCH] wineboot: detect correct processor name and vendorID, use Intel Pentium 4 as fallback

Patrick Rudolph siro at das-labor.org
Sat Oct 20 09:04:05 CDT 2012

Am 2012-10-20 14:54, schrieb Eric Pouech:
> Le 20/10/2012 12:42, Patrick Rudolph a écrit :
>> This patch need lots of testing, since I can only test it on linux 
>> using an Intel CPU.
>> Please tests on other OS and systems, too. please use the ntdll or 
>> kernel32 relevant API so that you don't have to copy the same code
> A+
The code was copied from ntdll and modified in order to retrieve 
processorname and vendorID. There's no similiár functionality in wine.

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