ntdll feature detection patch set

James Eder jimportal at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 19:51:05 CDT 2012

I've been kicking this patch set around in my local git tree for a
while and I want to get it out there for comments and maybe even
inclusion in Wine.  Seeing some comments in another thread about
wineboot made me think I should get these patches out rather than
holding onto them much longer.

I feel fairly good about the first 6 patches.  They're small,
bite-sized, and all x86/x86_64 so I can test them easily.  However,
the last two in the series are some what large and do things with ARM
and PowerPC code.  While it looks good to me, I don't have hardware or
a build environment for them.  I may have some ARM+Linux hardware in
the coming months but I doubt I'll ever see a PowerPC come my way.

If you have a build environment for ARM or PowerPC I would very much
appreciate some feedback.

Also I did some greping and found two other locations in Wine with
similar do_cpuid type functions:  dlls/wbemprox/builtin.c and
dlls/dbghelp/minidump.c.  Would it be worthwhile to have the function
in a common header somewhere?


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