[PATCH 1/5] d3dx9_36: Implement D3DXFileCreate. (try 3)

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Wed Oct 24 21:05:54 CDT 2012

Rico Schüller <kgbricola at web.de> wrote:

> Well the app may initialize some resources (some of them fail with out 
> of memory) and run half an hour. If it accesses the invalid pointer it 
> crashes. Do you see the problem from the backtrace? The real problem 
> happened half an hour ago and the err message doesn't hurt anyone, it 
> just shows the problem as early as possible, which I think is better 
> than to relay on a eventually crashing app at some point. The err 
> doesn't spam the console, since it only happens when there is a problem.

If you allocate a large chunk of memory it's probably justified to print
a WARN(), but when allocating a structure of a couple tens of bytes it's
already too late. Inside a library (and Wine is a library) printing anything
to the console should be avoided as much as possible with an obvious exception
for not implemented things.


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