[PATCH] secur32/schannel: diabled TLS1.1/1.2 by Default

Hiroshi Miura miurahr at linux.com
Sun Sep 9 10:13:59 CDT 2012


On 2012年09月03日 05:21, Henri Verbeet wrote:
> On 2 September 2012 10:58, Hiroshi Miura <miurahr at linux.com> wrote:
>>     -Set TLS1.1/1.2 disabled by Default that is
>>      same as Windows 7 default.
> Aside from whether disabling TLS1.1+ is appropriate or not, or if this
> is the right implementation, this patch also add %COMPAT to the
> priority string, which wasn't there before.
Thanks. I'd like to rework it and post again.

You may think it need

1)when wininet, winhttp is configured with schannel registry values,
schannel also behave with this configuration.

2) or in order to prepare when wininet, winhttp is reimplement with schannel,
schannel also behave same.

If not, this work is going to pick when it needed.


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