Translations of the About Pages

Kyle Auble randomidman48 at
Thu Sep 13 00:09:02 CDT 2012

I just submitted a draft rewrite of WineHQ's About page in English that
integrates some things from the wiki page, but there are still Hebrew
and Spanish about pages on the wiki. I started working on translating
the Spanish one, but realized someone else should probably do it after
one paragraph, and my Hebrew is even weaker.

I think the goal is still to move all central pages to WineHQ so I'd
like to remove those versions from the wiki soon too. If any Hebrew or
Spanish-speaking contributors would prefer to work from the wiki content
though, I can leave it up for a while. If you would rather translate
from the new English version to keep the different translations in sync
though, I'll go ahead and clean up the wiki some more.

- Kyle

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