comctl32/listview: update dwStyle before checking for scrollbar

Nikolay Sivov nsivov at
Sat Sep 22 14:32:12 CDT 2012

On 9/22/2012 20:41, Daniel Jelinski wrote:
> Hello Nikolay,
> I'm not sure. There are some tests:
> Comments indicate that some systems send WM_STYLECHANGED to windows
> with non-client area, and no systems send it to windows without it. I
> haven't figured out yet if the comment is true or to which category
> ListView belongs.
> Out of curiosity I checked which systems send WM_STYLECHANGED:
> Vista and Windows 7 do send it, others do not, neither does Wine.
> Judging by the code it doesn't look like a quick fix to me (but I
> wouldn't mind if someone proved me wrong here).
I see. Now a question is how scroll bars are enabled/disabled in a case 
you're trying to fix,
and a message test should be added for listview after that. What I'm 
seeing - ControlSpy
running on XP shows style change messages after I toggle scrollbar bits, 
but we don't have its source so
who knows what it does.

And apparently we have code in WM_STYLECHANGED handler to deal with 
scroll bars:

     if (((lpss->styleOld & WS_HSCROLL) != 0)&&
         ((lpss->styleNew & WS_HSCROLL) == 0))
        ShowScrollBar(infoPtr->hwndSelf, SB_HORZ, FALSE);

     if (((lpss->styleOld & WS_VSCROLL) != 0)&&
         ((lpss->styleNew & WS_VSCROLL) == 0))
        ShowScrollBar(infoPtr->hwndSelf, SB_VERT, FALSE);

these lines were edited 10 years ago last time, sure it could be a noop
but that raises a question why it's here.
> Regards,
> Daniel
> PS. I guess I should have used GetWindowLong instead on
> GetWindowLongPtr. Not sure if I should bother with resending now.
It doesn't matter in case of retrieving style bits, server stores it as 
unsigned int,
so most significant int in 64-bits is always zeroed I guess.
> 2012/9/22 Nikolay Sivov <nsivov at>:
>> On 9/21/2012 23:07, Daniel Jelinski wrote:
>>> dwStyle is updated only in WM_STYLECHANGED, which is not sent
>>> when displaying and hiding scrollbars.
>>> Fixes the issue where there was a large margin between items
>>> and horizontal scrollbar (e.g. in file open dialog).
>> Are you sure it's really not supposed to be sent when WS_HSCROLL/WS_VSCROLL
>> bits are changed?
>> A quick test with ControlSpy shows style changing messages when I set/reset
>> these. So it's possible there's a bug
>> outside of comctl32.

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