WineHQ on CMS/Framework

Kyle Auble randomidman48 at
Sun Sep 23 13:44:17 CDT 2012

Sun, Sep 23, 2012 04:33, Aleksey Bragin wrote:
> Two prototype websites were made, one using Drupal7 and another one 
> (more recent and more complete) using Typo3. What's important is that we 
> have a substantial set of interconnected services too:

I honestly haven't heard of Typo3 before now (I
guess it really hasn't caught on outside the
German-speaking world yet), but my first
impression is that may be closer to what we would
want than Drupal. I've heard that Drupal can be
very brittle and hard to use if your design
doesn't fit a template. The fact that your T3
prototype is more complete despite being a younger
site seems like a hint that it has been more
productive for you.

Being able to integrate most of your services with
the CMS is also very reassuring. Have you come
across a situation where you think having a
framework would have helped? The main scenario I'm
picturing is if someday we wanted to combine data
from different parts of the website (for example,
bugzilla queries along with related git patches).
That may be overdoing things, but I feel like
those cross-connections are one of the main things
that could really help WineHQ.

Right now it seems like there's a lot of good
information, but it may be spread out over forum
threads, mailing lists, the wiki, AppDB, etc. with
no simple way to connect the dots (even after
using search).

- Kyle

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