d3dx9 [patch 1/5]: Implement D3DXSHMultiply4

Rico Schüller kgbricola at web.de
Wed Sep 26 06:00:52 CDT 2012

On 26.09.2012 12:17, Nozomi Kodama wrote:
> +    ta =0.28209479f * a[0]+ 0.14567312f * a[8]+ 0.12615663f * a[6];
> +    tb =0.28209479f * b[0]+ 0.14567312f * b[8]+ 0.12615663f * b[6];
> +    out[13] += ta * b[13] + tb * a[13];
> +    t = a[13] * b[13];
> +    out[0] +=0.28209479f *t;
Please use spaces with care.
The preferred way is "x = 123 * a[0] + 456 * b[234]; Mostly one space is 
enough, only use two or more if you like to indent something, that's 
mostly not the case when calculating a value. Even then, please be 
consistent across your patch.

> +    D3DXSHMultiply4(c, a, b);
What happens if you use something like D3DXSHMultiply4(c, c, c). Is that 

Also is there a reason why it uses slightly different values than e.g. 
D3DXSHMultiply3? Why don't we use defines? A problem might be to find 
good names... Maybe the Multiply functions could share the same base? To 
me it looks like they do share a lot of calculations, And if the order 
doesn't matter (see comment above) then it may be possible to rearrange 
the calculation.

ta = 0.28209479f * a[0] - 0.12615663f * a[6] - 0.21850969f * a[8];
ta = 0.28209479f * a[0] - 0.12615662f * a[6] - 0.21850968f * a[8];


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