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Subject: CIA going down: KGB wants your commits!
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Hi there!

Not to "to knock 'em when they're down", but since it seems that the CIA.vc
service has officially closed recently (cannot find exactly when did that
happen), I think it's worthwhile offering this little project we (dam@,
gregoa@, and me) have since a few years ago, called KGB (ha-ha).

It's a very simple and dumb client-server architecture: IRC bots running in
our personal servers listen for SOAP messages sent by kgb-clients called
from post-commit hooks in repos out there. The bot just relays and formats
a message, nothing fancier than that.

So, if you're looking for a simple IRC notification of your commits, this
might be of help.

You can either run your own bot (debian package kgb-bot), or use ours. As
for the client, alioth does not have it installed, but you can run it off
/home/groups/kgb. There's a sample configuration there too. In
/home/groups/pkg-perl/meta/pkg-perl-post-receive you can see how to use it
from a post-commit hook.

If you rather use our bots, we'll need you to provide: a project/repository
name, an IRC channel, and a password (used to avoid spam, not really

Martín Ferrari

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