Keynote made me remember Mac Icons

Jeremiah Flerchinger jeremiah.flerchinger at
Sun Feb 3 06:48:12 CST 2013

No, they're not for each of the programs (e.g. Notepad). It's just .icns
files for the wine-glass and the wine-glass overlayed on the terminal icon
and overlayed on a window icon. I have this window icons assocated with
.exe files on my machine, this terminal icon associated with .bat and .com
files, and this wine-glass icon associated with the actual wine program.

They're good for default icons, nothing more, but they do help me easily
see what is associated with wine.

On Sun, Feb 3, 2013 at 11:32 AM, Ken Thomases <ken at> wrote:

> Hi,
> On Feb 3, 2013, at 3:56 AM, Austin English wrote:
> > On Sun, Feb 3, 2013 at 9:45 AM, Jeremiah Flerchinger
> > <jeremiah.flerchinger at> wrote:
> >> The keynote made me realize I have some Mac icons for Wine. Would
> anyone be
> >> interested in them? It's definitely more functional than just using the
> >> default terminal icon. I also had a winecfg icon somewhere but I can't
> >> remember where that one is right now.
> >>
> >> Let me know and tell me where to send them.
> >
> > Ken Thomases (cc'ed) is the person on winemac.drv, though wine-devel
> > or attaching them to bugzilla would likely be best to preserve a copy
> > of it.
> I may be missing some context.  What icons is this referring to?  Do you
> mean just the various icons for Wine and its programs (e.g. Notepad) but in
> ICNS format?
> I'm not sure yet how useful that will be.
> Although I haven't gotten this far in my Mac driver patch submissions, the
> Mac driver will eventually attempt to extract the icon for the current .exe
> and use that for the application icon of the running process.  Not all
> executables have an icon, though, so in some cases it will still default to
> the terminal-looking icon.  It probably would be better to use Wine's
> wine-glass icon in that case.
> However, there's a question of how to deploy the icon.  I'm not sure a
> .icns file is useful.  I don't know where such a .icns file would be kept
> and how it would be located relative to the Wine installation (or build
> directory, if running from there).  So, it may just be easiest to embed a
> Windows ICO resource into the Mac driver .so file and extract it at runtime
> just like the code will extract the icon from the .exe file.
> So, thanks for the offer and I'll keep it in mind, but at this point I'm
> not sure what I would do with Mac icons for Wine.
> -Ken
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