IE 6 related urlmon:protocol failures

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Fri Feb 15 18:28:29 CST 2013

I have investigated the following test failure on the new WineTestBot:

   protocol.c:1051: Test failed: hrResult = 800401e4, expected: 00000000
   protocol.c:1056: Test failed: dwError == ERROR_SUCCESS
   protocol.c:613: Test failed: expected ReportData

The results from show that they only happen on systems 
that have urlmon.dll version 6.0, which I guess corresponds to Internet 
Explorer 6.0. More specifically:

 * The test detects systems that have Internet Explorer 5.5 or older, 
   based on missing functions, declares too old and  skips the tests:
      5.0.3700.6705 wtb-w2kassp4
      5.0.3888.1400 wtb-w2kprosp4
      5.50.4807.2300 fg-win2000-ie55

 * The test runs and fails on these systems:
      6.0.2800.1649 fg-win2000-up1
      6.0.2800.1649 fg-win2000-uplast
      6.0.2900.3562 fg-winxp-2sp
      6.0.2900.3698 wtb-wxpmce
      6.0.2900.6049 wtb-wxphmnlsp3

 * The test runs and succeeds on systems that have urlmon 7.0 or 
      7.0.6000.16850 fg-winxp-2spie7
      7.0.6000.16850 fg-winxp-3sp
      8.0.6001.18806 fg-winxp-3spie8
      8.0.6001.19100 fg-winxp-last

So I will be applying the latest updates to the new TestBot's Windows XP 
VM and that should solve the issue in that case.

However I think the test should still not fail. So I'm looking for a 
volunteer to either get the test to succeed with urlmon 6.0, or find a 
way to detect it and skip these three tests.

Francois Gouget <fgouget at>

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