Fix catalyst brain damage to speed up Falcon BMS 2x

Stanisław Halik sthalik at
Sat Feb 16 08:10:30 CST 2013

On 2013-02-16 14:52, Stefan Dösinger wrote:
>> Lack of GLSL disables HDR apparently. But enabling it changes FPS from 70 to 90.
> You want GLSL on AMD GPUs because the ARB shader extensions support only Shader Model 2.0. I don't see the problem with changing the fps from 70 to 90 either :-) . Did you accidentally swap the numbers?


>> Without GDI, there's some nasty display corruption on FBOs.
> Uh, unless this is a DirectDraw / d3d7 application, the DirectDrawRenderer setting won't affect it. And if it is such an app, UseGLSL won't have any real effect. Are you sure about this?

Yes. Falcon BMS is D3D7 from Falcon 4.0 ported to D3D9. Falcon has a 
complex history. Corporate acquisitions, code leaks, etc.

If you want, can give you required files and instructions for 
installing. Always willing to shift the work on someone else ;-)

Especially since the amount of triangles drawn by me using GL/D3D is nada.

> I'm not sure what you mean by this. The mesa bug is incomprehensible as well, it isn't clear what exactly fails. I guess some shader doesn't compile, it might be helpful to attach the failing shader from Wine's debug output.

There's a log attached in the. Some Lisp-syntax LLVM GLSL decompiler 
output, BMS tries to set properties, tons of them, using separate temps 
for each, in result using over 128 temps. LLVM fails to optimize due to 
indirect addressing. Context is missing 'cause it was talked about on 

As for the rest (temps, indirect addressing), don't know, not a GL 
programmer, sorry.

As for the patch getting in, please see:

I can't really back this up, I'm no GL programmer! But see also the 
original bug report:

Unless Ben replies (you might also want to contact him, he's an  X-Plane 
developer), chances of getting this in are bleak. But what about a 
registry option of disabling it? Or environment variable? Or whatever? 
Maintaining local changes is always hard for my cynical self ;-)


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