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On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 12:30 AM, Alexandre Julliard <julliard at>wrote:

> The Wine development release 1.5.24 is now available.
> What's new in this release (see below for details):
>   - Keyboard and mouse wheel support in the Mac driver.
>   - Regular expression support in VB Script.
>   - Many RichEdit code cleanups.
>   - Various bug fixes.
> The source is available from the following locations:
> Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:
> You will find documentation on
> You can also get the current source directly from the git
> repository. Check for details.
> Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
> AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Bugs fixed in 1.5.24 (total 38):
>    6512  power-tab-editor freezes at end of a song
>    8598  msvcrt file IO functions do not handle unicode properly in text
> mode
>   12908  Battle Zone I does not start.
>   16685  redraw problem in AIM_675
>   17380  CListCtrl: wrong icon spacing
>   17762  Citavi: Application is very slow
>   17763  Citavi: mouse doesn't catch links
>   18079  AutoCorect: does not properly display custom checkboxes made by
> Alcinoe
>   20294  sigma photo pro crashes in X11DRV_DIB_DeleteDIBSection
>   24089  EverQuest: Escape to Norrath: login screen is blank without
> native ie6
>   24315  Verizon Media Manager crashes on exit (VZMediaagent.exe
>   24361  Crashday: game is unusably slow during gameplay
>   24474  Simpsons Hit & Run sound bug
>   24554  Black screen in Everquest 2 (lighting issue?)
>   25576  Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Demo/Deluxe Edition, menu blank
> without native ie7
>   25584  Racedriver:GRID sound hardware acceleration not working
>   25958  DreamStation 1 free music tracker visually freezes under some
> conditions
>   27011  Lucent Heart: patcher window is blank
>   27905  HUNTED The Demon Forge: Sound does not work in the game (in
> movies this works)
>   29718  IE4 setup wants wininet.dll.LoadUrlCacheContent
>   29873  Guild Wars: Water graphic is missing
>   30008  Resource Hacker logo on about window has black background
>   30183  Fchart installation crashes
>   30246  EA Origin:Crashes when using openssl 1.0.1
>   30839  BSTR cache corrupts most of cached BSTR entries
>   31308  Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2012 RC installer for Windows on
> ARM (WoA) crashes because TPIDRURW (user TLS register) needs to be set to
> TEB address
>   31706  Sacred Underworld: Some models glow like a Christmas tree
>   31977  YoudaoDict crash at start
>   32520  EVE Online and other games want d3d11.dll.D3D11CreateDevice
>   32669  Ghost Master: invisible mouse pointer unless 'Enhanced Cursor'
> option selected
>   32808  installer of PPTV: needs unimplemented
> atl100.dll.AtlComModuleRegisterClassObjects
>   32818  Adrenalin Extreme Show: launcher.exe has repainting issues
>   32842  TurboTax 2012 needs shlwapi.dll IsInternetESCEnabled stub
>   32858  Crash dialog Details button Russian text doesn't fit
>   32862  Microsoft Expression Design 4 (Free Version) needs
> WindowsCodecsExt.dll (Microsoft Windows Codecs Extended Library)
>   32882  Grand Theft Auto IV doesn't start, aborts with a GLX error.
>   32909  QQDownload 3.9 needs unimplemented msvcr80.dll._wstat32i64
>   32929  Microsoft Expression Design 4 (Free Version) needs
> windowscodecsext.dll.WICCreateColorTransform_Proxy
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Changes since 1.5.23:
> Akihiro Sagawa (1):
>       gdi32: Ensure a fixed-pitch full-width character has double advance
> of a half-width character.
> Alexander Morozov (1):
>       ole32: Avoid a deadlock when a being loaded DLL calls
> CoRegisterClassObject from its DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH handler.
> Alexandre Julliard (28):
>       winemac: Don't move off-screen windows to a random position.
>       gdi32: Return the correct module handle for the initial display
> driver load.
>       explorer: Retrieve the graphics driver module from gdi32.
>       explorer: Return a simple boolean instead of a window in the
> wine_create_desktop entry point.
>       wintab32: Retrieve the graphics driver module from gdi32.
>       imm32: Retrieve the graphics driver module from gdi32.
>       winex11: Ignore color key and exposures when using the null surface.
>       user32: Avoid releasing a potentially null pointer.
>       server: Also exclude the top-level client rectangle for windows that
> have a pixel format.
>       server: Return the window paint flags in the get_visible_region
> request.
>       user32: Don't paint to the surface if the window has a pixel format,
> regardless of the state of the top parent.
>       wininet: Don't reset the available size after the async has been
> queued.
>       user32: Prefer loading color cursors in LoadImage.
>       ntdll: Add a helper function to check that a fault address lies in a
> known virtual memory view.
>       ntdll: Check for invalid %gs value in 32-bit code.
>       winex11: Preserve the client window when changing the window visual.
>       server: Don't support debug registers in ptrace if sys/user.h is
> missing.
>       loader: Define our own auxv structure.
>       loader: Rename the elf_hash function to avoid conflicts.
>       odbccu32: Remove an unnecessary source file.
>       twain_32: Remove an unnecessary DllMain entry point.
>       cryptnet: Remove an unnecessary DllMain entry point.
>       dpnhpast: Remove an unnecessary DllMain entry point.
>       iphlpapi: Remove an unnecessary DllMain entry point.
>       ktmw32: Remove an unnecessary DllMain entry point.
>       sensapi: Remove an unnecessary DllMain entry point.
>       usp10: Remove an unnecessary DllMain entry point.
>       wtsapi32: Remove an unnecessary DllMain entry point.
> Alistair Leslie-Hughes (1):
>       fusion: Return correct error for null public token.
> Andrew Talbot (8):
>       jscript: Avoid signed-unsigned integer comparisons.
>       mapi32: Avoid signed-unsigned integer comparisons.
>       kernel32: Avoid signed-unsigned integer comparisons.
>       mscoree: Avoid signed-unsigned integer comparisons.
>       mmdevapi: Avoid signed-unsigned integer comparisons.
>       mlang: Avoid signed-unsigned integer comparisons.
>       msdaps: Avoid signed-unsigned integer comparisons.
>       msctf: Avoid signed-unsigned integer comparisons.
> André Hentschel (4):
>       ntdll: Set TPIDRURW to TEB on thread init for ARM.
>       make_xftmpl: Avoid comparing a char with EOF.
>       winedbg: Add PState to cpu_register_map for ARM64.
>       ntdll: Implement RtlUnwind for ARM.
> Aric Stewart (6):
>       usp10: Fix typo with Script_Khmer_Numeric.
>       usp10: Split the core Itemize function out to be able to support
> differences between the normal and OpenType versions.
>       usp10: Update diacritical script handling for non OpenType
> Itemization.
>       usp10: Free default_language items when freeing script cache.
>       usp10: Fix memory leak when a font has 0 languages, scripts or
> features.
>       usp10: Correct error with ScriptLayout log2vis.
> Austin English (4):
>       windowscodecsext: Add a stub dll.
>       shlwapi: Add a stub for IsInternetESCEnabled.
>       d3d11: Add a stub for D3D11CreateDevice.
>       wininet: Add a stub for LoadUrlCacheContent.
> Daniel Jelinski (6):
>       comctl32/listview: Correct icon spacing calculation when set to 0 or
> -1.
>       comctl32/listview: Always use large icon size when calculating icon
> spacing.
>       comctl32/listview: Do not touch icon spacing if set explicitly.
>       user32: Fix CopyImage implementation when changing cursor to icon.
>       comctl32/listview: Better handling of custom colors in report view.
>       comctl32/listview: Fix LVM_SETICONSPACING on 64bit machines.
> Detlef Riekenberg (2):
>       advapi32/tests: Skip tests on non-English systems.
>       kernel32/tests: Skip tests on non-English systems.
> Dmitry Timoshkov (14):
>       wbemprox: Free name in create_signature (Coverity).
>       comctl32: Test appropriate tool window for active state.
>       gdi32: Add support for 16-bit QUERYESCSUPPORT queries.
>       gdi32: Add a bunch of tests for CreateDC/ResetDC with a custom
>       winspool.drv: Turn macros into helper functions.
>       wineps.drv: Add DEVMODE dumping to make debugging device state
> easier.
>       winspool.drv: There is no need to speculate about wineps.drv default
>       gdi32: Make sure that actual clipping region is updated for a EMF DC.
>       gdi32: Add more EMF clipping tests.
>       gdi32: OffsetClipRgn should update actual clipping region for a EMF
> DC.
>       gdi32: IntersectClipRect should update actual clipping region for a
>       gdi32: ExcludeClipRect should update actual clipping region for a
>       gdi32: SelectClipPath should update actual clipping region for a EMF
> DC.
>       kernel32: There is no need for lock/unlock heap in GlobalAlloc.
> Erich Hoover (2):
>       advapi32: Support registry objects in GetNamedSecurityInfo.
>       advapi32: Support registry objects in SetNamedSecurityInfo.
> Francois Gouget (5):
>       kernel32/tests: Reduce the size of the console buffer to speed up
> the tests.
>       rpcrt4/tests: Trace the GUID when it is wrong.
>       d3d11: Make debug_d3d_driver_type() static.
>       ws2_32/tests: Fix the GetAcceptExSockaddrs() test.
>       winetest: Trace the time it takes to run each test.
> Frédéric Delanoy (1):
>       msi: Fix memory leak (coverity).
> Hans Leidekker (12):
>       windowscodecs: Implement IWICColorContext::InitializeFromFilename.
>       windowscodecs: Add a stub IWICColorTransform implementation.
>       windowscodecs: Convert the source bitmap to the requested pixel
> format in IWICColorTransform::Initialize.
>       windowscodecs: Implement
> IWICComponentFactory::CreateDecoderFromFileHandle.
>       wbemprox: Trace the qualifier value in IWbemClassObject::GetNames.
>       windowscodecsext: Implement WICCreateColorTransform_Proxy and
> IWICColorTransform_Initialize_Proxy.
>       windowscodecs: Implement IWICBitmapFrameDecode::GetColorContexts for
> TIFF images.
>       msiexec: Add /unregserver support.
>       msiexec: Convert DoRegServer to Unicode.
>       wininet/tests: Fix a test failure.
>       msi/tests: Move a couple of tests from install.c to msi.c.
>       msi: Don't remove products if msidbUpgradeAttributesOnlyDetect is
> set.
> Henri Verbeet (2):
>       wined3d: Add WINED3DFMT_INST to the format table.
>       configure: Include Xlib.h before Xrandr.h.
> Huw Davies (23):
>       riched20: Actually pass the ANSI string to the break proc.
>       riched20: Pass the character ptr and string length directly to the
> break proc helper.
>       riched20: Pass a character ptr and length to SplitParagraph.
>       riched20: Pass character ptrs to the whitespace finding functions.
>       riched20: Move the text to the paragraph level.
>       riched20: Move SplitRun to wrap.c and make it static.
>       riched20: Move the split point calculation to wrap.c.
>       riched20: Move run extent calculation to wrap.c.
>       riched20: The run width is always passed so we don't need to
> calculate it again.
>       riched20: Pass the run to the text drawing routine.
>       riched20: Move underline pen creation to a helper function.
>       riched20: Move y offset calculation to a helper function.
>       riched20: Move text color determination to a helper function.
>       riched20: Move the white space painting operations to a common
> function.
>       riched20: Remove the special case tab handling now that we handle
> that in draw_space.
>       riched20: Make it possible to perform point -> char conversion while
> holding a context.
>       riched20: The string len parameter is no longer necessary.
>       riched20: Use the point from char helpers to calculate the selection
> rectangle.
>       riched20: Simplify selection painting by drawing a selected run
> twice with appropriate clipping.
>       riched20: Move underline drawing to a common function.
>       riched20: Move the range clamping to the helper now that the range
> isn't used later on.
>       riched20: Move the password string hack to just before it's used.
>       riched20: Use ME_PointFromChar to calculate the caret position.
> Jacek Caban (13):
>       atl100: Added AtlComModuleRegisterClassObjects implementation (based
> on AtlModuleRegisterClassObjects).
>       oleaut32: COM clean up of ITypeLib2 interface implementation.
>       mshtml: Use VT_ERROR as return type in DispCallFunc call.
>       oleaut32: Return error if VT_HRESULT is used as return type in
> DispCallFunc.
>       urlmon: Clean up handling tested URLs.
>       urlmon: Fixed QueryInfo tests during BINDSTATUS_PROXYDETECTING
> notification.
>       urlmon: Skip reported_url tests when binding to object.
>       urlmon: Fixed tests on IEs that report BINDSTATUS_DECODING.
>       oleaut32: Don't free a string in SysFreeString if it's already in
> cache.
>       oleaut32: Added some SysFreeString tests.
>       urlmon: Allow available_bytes to be set before protocol_continue
> call.
>       wininet: Set available bytes in InternetQueryDataAvailable even if
> it ends up in async call.
>       vbscript: Added support for a few more constants.
> Jactry Zeng (4):
>       msvcr100: Added _wstat32i64 implementation.
>       msvcr100: Added _stat32i64 implementation.
>       msvcr80: Sync _wstat32i64 and _stat32i64 implementation.
>       msvcr90: Sync _wstat32i64 and _stat32i64 implementation.
> Jeff Latimer (2):
>       wmvcore: Add stub implementation for WMCreateEditor.
>       wmvcore: Fix a typo.
> Juan Lang (2):
>       iphlpapi: Fix HRESULT/win32 error code confusion.
>       cryptui: Use add_usage_to_oid correctly.
> Julian Rüger (1):
>       po: Update German translation.
> Jörg Höhle (4):
>       ntdll: Use the monotonic time counter also for timer queues.
>       winmm: More compatible midiIn/Out[Un]Prepare MHDR_* flag handling.
>       winmm: More compatible waveIn/Out[Un]Prepare WHDR_* flag handling.
>       winmm: Handle GetTickCount overflow in MIDI player.
> Ken Thomases (25):
>       winemac: Implement ScrollDC().
>       winemac: Implement support for minimizing windows.
>       winemac: Build a map from Mac virtual key codes to Win32 vkeys and
> scan codes based on Mac keyboard layout.
>       winemac: Rebuild key map when Mac keyboard layout changes.
>       winemac: Generate KEY_PRESS/RELEASE events from Cocoa key events.
>       user32: In TranslateMessage, handle ToUnicode returning 2 or more
> chars.
>       winemac: Implement ToUnicodeEx().
>       winemac: Ignore Cocoa's window frame adjustments for off-screen
> windows.
>       winemac: Implement Beep().
>       winemac: Implement MapVirtualKeyEx().
>       winemac: Implement VkKeyScanEx().
>       winemac: Implement GetKeyNameText().
>       winemac: Implement fake support for the active Windows keyboard
> layout.
>       winemac: Implement SysCommand() to prevent Alt keypresses from
> activating system menu.
>       winemac: Add WineApplication methods to convert from Cocoa to Win32
> coordinate space.
>       winemac: Implement MOUSE_MOVED(_ABSOLUTE) events.
>       winemac: Process clicks in an inactive window in addition to
> activating it.
>       secur32: On Mac, add support for cipher suites defined in 10.8 SDK.
>       user32: Improve mouse wheel scrolling in edit control.
>       user32: Improve mouse wheel scrolling in listbox control.
>       comctl32: Eliminate redundant local variable (gcWheelDelta ==
> -wheelDelta).
>       comctl32: Improve mouse wheel scrolling in listview control.
>       comctl32: Improve mouse wheel scrolling in treeview control.
>       winemac: Implement MOUSE_SCROLL events.
>       winemac: Prevent Cocoa from consuming certain key-down events.
> Ludger Sprenker (1):
>       windowscodecs: Add enum type WICTiffCompressionOption.
> Marcus Meissner (1):
>       comdlg32: Free files on errorpath (Coverity).
> Michael Stefaniuc (20):
>       ddraw/tests: Use assignment instead of memcpy to copy structs.
>       crypt32: Use assignment instead of memcpy to copy structs.
>       wined3d: Remove ERR() on HeapAlloc failure for small sizes known at
> compile time.
>       ieframe: Let C look like C.
>       krnl386.exe16: Let C look like C.
>       gphoto2.ds: Let C look like C.
>       iphlpapi: Let C look like C.
>       qedit: Let C look like C.
>       d3drm: Let C look like C.
>       riched20: Let C look like C.
>       usp10: Let C look like C.
>       d3d10core: Remove ERR() on HeapAlloc failure for small sizes known
> at compile time.
>       d3d8: Remove ERR() on HeapAlloc failure for small sizes known at
> compile time.
>       d3d9: Remove ERR() on HeapAlloc failure for small sizes known at
> compile time.
>       d3dx9_36: Remove ERR() on HeapAlloc failure for small sizes known at
> compile time.
>       d3drm: Remove ERR() on HeapAlloc failure for small sizes known at
> compile time.
>       amstream: Remove ERR() on HeapAlloc failure for small sizes known at
> compile time.
>       d3dcompiler_43: Remove ERR() on HeapAlloc failure for small sizes
> known at compile time.
>       dmime: Remove ERR() on HeapAlloc failure for small sizes known at
> compile time.
>       wineoss.drv: Use offsetof to calculate the size of a struct with
> variable length array.
> Nikolay Sivov (3):
>       oledb32: Add a table of init properties, support Persist Security
> Info switch in init string.
>       xmllite: Store start data pointer for comments.
>       xmllite: Basic test for chunk value read vs full value read.
> Nozomi Kodama (1):
>       d3dx9: Use const instead of CONST.
> Piotr Caban (11):
>       jscript: Rename jsheap_t to heap_pool_t.
>       jscript: Don't use jsstr_t in JSRegExp structure.
>       jscript: Don't use jsstr_t in js_NewRegExp.
>       jscript: Move code operating on JSRegExp out of do_regexp_match_next
> function.
>       jscript: Make context generic in internal regular expression
> functions.
>       jscript: Moved generic regular expressions code to separate file.
>       vbscript: Added IRegExp2 stub.
>       vbscript: Added IRegExp2_QueryInterface tests.
>       vbscript: Added partial implementation of IDispatch methods in
> IRegExp2.
>       vbscript: Added IRegExp2::Pattern implementation.
>       vbscript: Rename vbsheap to heap_pool.
> Roman Dadkov (3):
>       ole32/tests: Add test for SetClientSite.
>       mpr/tests: Test to check the return values of WNetGetUniversalNameA.
>       ole32/tests: Add test for OleRun.
> Stefan Dösinger (2):
>       wined3d: Use the ARBfp ffp pipeline only if ARBfp is supported.
>       wined3d: Reserve one vs constant on r200.
> Vijay Kiran Kamuju (1):
>       msvcr90: Update the manifest version.
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