Failing tests in the Japanese and Hebrew languages

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Mon Feb 18 13:55:53 CST 2013

On Mon, 18 Feb 2013, Akihiro Sagawa wrote:

> Did you change ANSI codepage? As you may know, Japanese (codepage
> 932) is not compatible with Windows 1252 except for 7-bit ASCII
> characters. So you have to change codepage settings, Language for
> Non-Unicode Programs, in the Control Panel.

Not specifically no. My understanding is that Windows 7 has essentially 
three separate locales. In this case we see that the test ran with:

 * SystemDefaultLCID = 409
   This is the system locale and it is set to English.

 * UserDefaultLCID = 40c
   The user locale here is set to French and determines the date / time 
   format, number format, currency, etc.

 * UserDefaultUILanguage = 411
   And this is the 'Display Language' which determines which language 
   will be used for the GUI. Here it is set to Japanese.

It's important for Wine to know which setting each API is impacted by. 
That's why I normally try to use different locales and display 
languages. I must admit I did not particularly pay attention to the 
system locale setting so all my VMs have it just set to English. But I'd 
like to keep it set differently from the others.

I'd further argue that it's up to Wine's conformance tests to skip tests 
that don't make sense in the current environment. For instance there are 
tests where compare a result against a known English string, so these 
tests are skipped if running in a non-English locale (and here checking 
the right locale out of the three is crucial).

Do you know of a specific test that fails because the system locale is 
currently set to English?

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