comctl32/listview: fix selection in ownerdata listview

Nikolay Sivov nsivov at
Wed Feb 20 22:40:33 CST 2013

On 2/21/2013 02:19, Daniel Jelinski wrote:

>       /* disable per item notifications on LVS_OWNERDATA style
>          FIXME: single LVN_ODSTATECHANGED should be used */
>       bOldChange = infoPtr->bDoChangeNotify;
> -    if (infoPtr->dwStyle & LVS_OWNERDATA) infoPtr->bDoChangeNotify = FALSE;
> +    /*if (infoPtr->dwStyle & LVS_OWNERDATA) infoPtr->bDoChangeNotify = FALSE;*/
What's a problem in fixing this properly? This change could break 
something potentially, it was disabled for a purpose of fixing some real 
application as I remember.

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