winebuild: Add configure option to use llvm-mc as assembler.

Charles Davis cdavis5x at
Wed Jan 2 13:18:45 CST 2013

On Jan 2, 2013, at 5:35 AM, Per Johansson wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 3:12 AM, Charles Davis <cdavis5x at> wrote:
>> What kind of undefined symbol errors? Other than the ones I got because as(1) from cctools can't grok CFI pseudo-ops (and probably never will because of Clang), I don't know of any symbol problems building Wine with Clang on Mac OS. Might have something to do with my system version (I'm still on 10.6, and I probably won't move until I find some way to run -arch ppc apps since Apple gutted Rosetta from 10.7...)
> I think I simply forgot to add the -c flag, silly me. Patch seems to
> work, I'm getting some compile errors but I suppose it's a different
> problem:
> avifile.DPJO1m.s:443:2: error: invalid operand for instruction
>        lretw
>        ^
> avifile.DPJO1m.s:580:2: error: invalid operand for instruction
>        lretw
>        ^
That's fixed in LLVM/Clang trunk. (I know, because I fixed it myself. A while ago, actually; I'm surprised Xcode doesn't have it yet.) Maybe the next version of Xcode will pick up the fix. Someone should really prod Apple about this :).
>> Do you actually not have the Wine vs. Mach cpu_type_t issue with Clang? I'd find that interesting.
> Yes, it doesn't appear with clang, and also not with gcc-mp-4.x from
> macports.
I suspect that's because Clang and newer GCC are smarter about identical typedefs. The ObjC BOOL vs. Wine BOOL issue wasn't about identical typedefs, because an ObjC BOOL is a "signed char" while a Wine BOOL is an "int". But a Mach cpu_type_t is an "integer_t"... which, ultimately, is a plain "int", the same as Wine's cpu_type_t.
> I could open a radar myself (only have free membership), but
> I don't mind it too much since the default gcc compiler doesn't work
> anyway (wine bug 28030), so it might just as well get an error
> compiling if we get clang working.
Yeah, I'm not sure anyone really cares about the dead Apple GCC branch anymore... except AJ, but that's because his old Mac mini is stuck on 10.5, where we don't even have that problem. So long as Wine compiles with Apple GCC 4.x on Leopard, he'll be happy :).


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> Per Johansson

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