Patchsets that need review by experienced Wine Developers

jordan triplesquarednine at
Thu Jan 3 16:22:14 CST 2013


I have been experimenting with some patchsets for Wine -> based on an
implementation of Wine originally developed By Muse Research.  It has
improved support for a bunch of stuff, fixes (most) bottlenecks for
Linux proaudio folks making use of Wine + Jack, and also contains some
bug fixes for wine (that may or may not be acceptable to wine-devs.)

I have a project that now lives on, but has been running for
months now, on my machine(s), locally. It's called L-ProAudio, and the
version of wine (L_pa-Wine) is geared towards proaudio users. We also
have support in 1 linux application ~ which now properly handles the
new method of mapping win/prio -> linux/prio. Some of the patchset
fixes synchronization issues (with jack), disk geomtery-io-syscl,
fixes rendering bugs in VSTs (probably other apps too) and a bunch of
other improvements (geared for proaudio users).

L_ProAudio Page:

 -> Wine-L_Proaudio_Arch_n_patches.tar.gz contains a pkgbuild for
Archlinux (like gentoo' ebuild) + all patches (and probably one or two
others, not used in my builds).

But please note: this is NOT a fork of Wine. It is necessary for me to
be able to run the applications that i want with Wine. I am just
carrying patchwork and re-basing it, as time passes. But i decided to
release it - since it benefits the larger community who uses this
stuff (greatly).

note 2: I am posting, in order to shed light on any improvements/bug
fixes that _might_ be suitable for upstream. ~ If so, once a given
stable release of Wine is issued, I would then be able to remove them
from my patchset, minimizing duplicate efforts, among other things.

The original patches/sources (that i have based my version on, are
found here: the bottom of the page / last link:

these patches fix Wine problems (in most areas) for people using
linux(-rt) + jack + ProAudio ... but may have other benefits/bug-fixes
for wine. It's Gpl'd (obviously), so it would be worthwhile to have a
look anyway. - didn't include every patch (some of them aren't of
interest to me, outdated, etc).

Take care


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