Patchsets that need review by experienced Wine Developers

Marcus Meissner meissner at
Fri Jan 4 11:09:37 CST 2013

On Thu, Jan 03, 2013 at 05:22:14PM -0500, jordan wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been experimenting with some patchsets for Wine -> based on an
> implementation of Wine originally developed By Muse Research.  It has
> improved support for a bunch of stuff, fixes (most) bottlenecks for
> Linux proaudio folks making use of Wine + Jack, and also contains some
> bug fixes for wine (that may or may not be acceptable to wine-devs.)
> I have a project that now lives on, but has been running for
> months now, on my machine(s), locally. It's called L-ProAudio, and the
> version of wine (L_pa-Wine) is geared towards proaudio users. We also
> have support in 1 linux application ~ which now properly handles the
> new method of mapping win/prio -> linux/prio. Some of the patchset
> fixes synchronization issues (with jack), disk geomtery-io-syscl,
> fixes rendering bugs in VSTs (probably other apps too) and a bunch of
> other improvements (geared for proaudio users).
> L_ProAudio Page:
>  -> Wine-L_Proaudio_Arch_n_patches.tar.gz contains a pkgbuild for
> Archlinux (like gentoo' ebuild) + all patches (and probably one or two
> others, not used in my builds).
> But please note: this is NOT a fork of Wine. It is necessary for me to
> be able to run the applications that i want with Wine. I am just
> carrying patchwork and re-basing it, as time passes. But i decided to
> release it - since it benefits the larger community who uses this
> stuff (greatly).
> note 2: I am posting, in order to shed light on any improvements/bug
> fixes that _might_ be suitable for upstream. ~ If so, once a given
> stable release of Wine is issued, I would then be able to remove them
> from my patchset, minimizing duplicate efforts, among other things.
> The original patches/sources (that i have based my version on, are
> found here:
> the bottom of the page / last link:
> these patches fix Wine problems (in most areas) for people using
> linux(-rt) + jack + ProAudio ... but may have other benefits/bug-fixes
> for wine. It's Gpl'd (obviously), so it would be worthwhile to have a
> look anyway. - didn't include every patch (some of them aren't of
> interest to me, outdated, etc).

I looked over them briefly.

	Not sure why this is needed?

	a user32.EnableWindow 2008 patch ... is it still needed for you,
	as quite some enhancements have happened...

	Would need review (likely from julliard or other user32 guru)
	and testcases.


	A new synchronization method using UNIX pipe(2)s.
	This is definitely not going in as is...

	It would be interesting to know what deficit in regular Wine is
	fixed by it. wineserver overhead?


	Remove the MUSE specific fixmes and use the same FIXME() style
	for stub parameters as in the other FIXME()s. Then
	its ready for wine-patches I would say.

	Use same FIXME() style as used for other stub functions, then
	ready for submission.

	Good for submission as-is.

	Not submittable as-is ...
	It would be good to know the reason and/or what MUSE expects.

	Smells like the wrong place to do it. Perhaps mountmgr.sys,
	but perhaps different.
	Also unclear if Alexandre likes it.

	Looks already good for submission to me.

	Needs design and discussion... So far a RT solution
	was not accepted for Wine yet.

	local hacks

	Seems like a mistaken patch that was needed as we had
	the old DIB sections.

	gdb would have accepted "continue" here.

	Should not be necessary anymore these days with the 

	Might be submittable as-is. 

	Might need autoconf checks for non-Linux.

	Alexandre usually does not like override files
	like this unless necessary.

	What is actually expected? you mentioned rendering issues?

	Hmm, needs user32 windowing guru review.

	If this is not just a hack, could be submitted as-is.

	A Linux kernel patch? Likely wrong here.

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