Patchsets that need review by experienced Wine Developers

jordan triplesquarednine at
Fri Jan 4 14:51:56 CST 2013

> We at Muse Research are happy help move our patches from custom one-offs to
> the main fork. Background info below...

> -- Michael Ost
> Muse Research and Development

Hi Michael, I recognize your name from years ago on various
(linux-related) lists.

I hope you don't mind that i took the initiative here. :) This
benefits us all ~ less of a delta for you, less for me and improved
Wine support for everybody ~ it's a win win situation. In reality, the
strength of your product line is not secret sauce to wine, when you
really think about it... the benefit is the amazing software + H/W
that you guys have designed.  ~ i've used them, but can't _justify_
the expense, at this point ~ although i would love a Receptor :) (and
_would_ own one if i was a touring professional, since it is simply
the best option available)

Anyway, Michael - i hope you didn't take any of this as 'stepping on
your toes'. I also hope it isn't a problem that within my project;
L_ProAudio that i have _renamed_ all of the MUSE stuff ~ being as that
is your trademark.

also, if you are interested later down the line (once, the project is
slightly more mature), we could share some tips on taming linux-rt,
but that is entirely upto you guys.

lastly, thank you very much for publishing your GPL'd code. It fixes a
lot of hassles for me.



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