Patchsets that need review by experienced Wine Developers

André Hentschel nerv at
Fri Jan 4 16:08:06 CST 2013

On 04.01.2013 22:33, Louis Gorenfeld wrote:
> Hi!
>   I'm really happy that some of our patches are making it into WINE! If I could chime in...
>>>> 0005-Expand-dos-has-entropy-in-order-to-make-collision-le.patch
>>>>         Not sure why this is needed?
>>> I'm not sure why either, but i am guessing it improves things in a
>>> linux-rt/VST setting (in fact, removing it causes regressions on my
>>> L_pa systems - so i am keeping it.
>> This is a really old patch. IIRC there were different long filenames that were being converted to the same 8.3 filename. I don't have more details.
> That was because of a name collision that'd happen when running the installer for NI's Akoustik Piano plugin. It creates hundreds (or thousands?) of files with similar names in one directory, and the installer would name the file one thing but in the file would be another file's contents. IIRC, it was a pretty unusual case.

We should decide soon if we want to accept that patch, because it breaks DOSBox compatiblity. So in case we commit it we should change it in dosbox before they release 0.75

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