Patchsets that need review by experienced Wine Developers

jordan triplesquarednine at
Fri Jan 4 16:40:07 CST 2013

> This might also end up being generally useful for programs that are realtime and make a lot of wineserver calls. I believe > the mutexes were taking too long to access because they were going through wineserver, which was already handling a > lot of other calls in serial. Basically, it was a traffic jam. That's my understanding and recollection, at least (I wasn't the > > original author of the patch but I did do some work on it later).


That matches my experiences, as well, Louis.

ext4 likes to jam up things to, so ideally if these problems are going
to be solved upstream ~ wine-devs also will likely want to look at
problems with ext4 (possibly, btrfs down the line ~ since i think i
remember noticing a kernel hack for btrfs(?).

anyway, that is another issue all together.


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