comctl32/listview: fix icon spacing calculation [try 2]

Daniel Jelinski djelinski1 at
Mon Jan 14 16:06:50 CST 2013

2013/1/14 Nikolay Sivov <bunglehead at>:
> It's a way it's used in ListView_SetIconSpacing() (which could be broken in
> its own way of course).
> I think it's ok to ignore this 64 bit case for now, especially while we
> don't get daily test runs.

Are you saying that I should drop this?
-    return LISTVIEW_SetIconSpacing(infoPtr, (short)LOWORD(lParam),
+    if(lParam == -1)
+      return LISTVIEW_SetIconSpacing(infoPtr, -1, -1);
+    return LISTVIEW_SetIconSpacing(infoPtr, LOWORD(lParam), HIWORD(lParam));
This would net us 2 more todo_wine tests.

Also, what's up with the daily test runs? Will they be fixed any time soon?

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