Truncate MIDI SysEx messages after termination byte

Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at
Tue Jan 15 08:21:00 CST 2013

Christian costa wrote:
>> But I don't know whether there's some harmless general SysEx that we 
>> can send out.  Maybe some MIDI guru could suggest some?
>What do you by harmless ? For what ? A midi HW device connected to the midi port ?

A harmless MIDI message, perhaps there exists a NOP SysEx?
E.g. a reset command is *not* harmless.

Here are a few SysEx I gathered, looking for MIDI SysEx documentation
Proteus SoundEngine System Reset SysEx F0 18 04 00 23 F7
without knowing what they do:
F0 56 64 4F 6C F7
F0 7D 12 34 10 02 11 00 F7

>we cannot verify the output.
Sure, however increased code coverage *has* benefits.  E.g. sometimes I use Valgrind.


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