Reload a DLL and _getptd returns zero

Piotr Caban piotr.caban at
Wed Jan 16 03:22:03 CST 2013

On 01/15/13 22:36, Michael Ost wrote:
> Do you know what the implications are of using this hack? Would it
> simply be that any windows code that wants to use FlsAlloc would fail to
> load with a wine linkage error?
Yes, any code that uses the function will fail while trying to call it.

> Also, is this what the VC runtimes that are statically compiled into a
> windows DLL do if FlsAlloc is unavailable? For backwards compatibility,
> I presume...?
I guess it's for backwards compatibility.

> Is the "hacky implementation" the line:
> "if (NtCurrentTeb()->FlsSlots) NtCurrentTeb()->FlsSlots[index] = 0;"
It only clears the data in thread that calls FlsFree. It needs to be 
cleared in every thread that was using it.

> that I see in FlsFree? Because, if so, that doesn't fix the crash. If
> not, I'd be interested in seeing your hack because we might just use it.
It was written just to check if it helps. It's not usable for anyone.

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