[PATCH] windowscodecs: Add support for DIB format.

Vincent Povirk madewokherd at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 22:23:21 CST 2013

>> > TGA is the simplest format I've ever seen, CreateBitmapFromMemory is
>> > the straight way to handle it. I haven't looked at ICNS support, but
>> > probably it could be implemented using public APIs as well.
>> The main reason I put the TGA decoder in WIC is that I know nothing
>> about d3dx9 and wanted to help solve the problem without having to
>> learn a new codebase. I don't know enough about d3dx9 to say whether
>> it makes sense to put new image format handling code in there (other
>> than DDS, which has features WIC can't support), but I can't imagine
>> it making sense to move an existing, working format there.
> So instead of writing much less code in d3dx9 to support TGA you've
> decided to write the whole new WIC decoder (even if it ended in a lot
> much more code) just because you know WIC code base better? And now
> you are proposing to do the same to support DIB? I object to this
> approach.

Yes, it is possible that I wrote more code than was necessary to
support TGA because I knew WIC better and because I thought it'd be
cool (in theory the decoder can now be used outside the context of
d3dx9, for instance on windows with the builtin image viewer - not all
that useful but still pretty cool imo).

For DIB it is less code because all of the logic involved is already
used to support BMP or ICO, and all of the real work for it was done
at the same time as adding ICO support.

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