Should we translate the prompt

Jactry Zeng jactry92 at
Sun Jul 7 04:19:08 CDT 2013

Hi everybody,

In po file there were some prompts as this:
#: xcopy.rc:35
msgid "%1? (Yes|No)\n"

I am not sure that should I translate them in po file for Simplified
Chinese. But they have been translated in po file for French and
Traditional Chinese.
As prompts in command line, I don't think translating them into another
language is good. It may make the users don't know what should them type

When I discuss this with Qian Hong, he give a better idea. We may can just
make the origin text more apropos, just like:
msgid "%1? (Y)es|(N)o\n"

So that we can translate it into Simplified Chinese:
msgid "%1?是(Y)|否(N)\n"

Thanks for any comment.

Jactry Zeng
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