How to stop gecko and mono popups while git bisecting?

Alan W. Irwin irwin at
Mon Jun 3 16:48:40 CDT 2013

I just finished a git bisect to establish the cause of the git
regression given by My
detailed report concerning the result of the bisect appears there, but
I have an additional question concerning the git bisect process

I pretty much follow the recommendations in, but I like to completely
remove my WINEPREFIX directory as the first step in my bisect test
script to eliminate the possibility that some unclean cached result
there is causing issues.  But after a particular version of wine is
built, that test script goes on to test it using wineconsole which has
to populate WINEPREFIX itself (which is fine) since I removed it for a
reason, but that step is accompanied by some popups concerning what I
want to do about downloading mono (not available on Debian testing)
and gecko (available on Debian testing, but I haven't figured out how
to make the ./configure step of the wine build recognize that).  I
don't mind the popups, but I do mind having to answer the questions
posed by them (say through the night) as the automated git bisect

For the case where wineconsole populates the WINEPREFIX directory for
the first time, is there a way to configure wine or run wineconsole so
those popups that require me answering a question can be eliminated?

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