Wine's Tahoma...

Aric Stewart aric at
Wed Jun 12 09:39:10 CDT 2013


 So working on Arabic font issues I have started really looking at wine's Tahoma font. Windows Tahoma covers glyphs in quite a few ranges, Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai to name a few.  Wine's Tahoma has bit a fraction of this coverage.

 Looking to improve our Arabic support, I found that our Tahoma heavily uses glyphs from DejaVu fonts already, which are public domain.

  I was wondering if we wanted to take the leap and just replace our Tahoma completely with DejaVu Sans? We can generate a fontforge sfd file for the file and adjust the family names as required. We would retain the copyrights so that we honer the source. But it would give us the glyphs we need to have a fully functional Tahoma.

  What is the thought on this? If there is strong opposition then I have a patch to include Arabic in our font, but it really seems like many users in other scripts would benefit greatly from having a more fully fleshed out tahoma.


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